medinnovationblog: The Litany

So what is wrong with the litany? One, it is overly pessimistic. Two, it continuously compares U.S. health care to that of other nations. Three, it misuses statistics to portray U.S. health care as an abysmal failure. Four, it implies that health care alone is responsible for the health of a nation. Five, it ignores the unique characteristics of U.S. culture.

Americans pay significantly more per unit of health –care services consumed, seven though they see doctors less, take fewer pills, and have shorter hospital stays. Americans are ‘paying more, despite using less and doing worse,’ concludes Health Connector executive director Jon Kingsdale.”

Nonsense…. There are many problems with the US health care system… but the system is not responsible for the overall health of the US population. Did your doctor tell you to eat at McD’s, did he/she tell you to skip the gym today, did he/she help you light up that last Marlboro ??? We have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the WORLD!!! Did doctors tell the religious right to teach abstinence instead of pregnancy prevention? Is this the fault of the health care system ??? Hmmm


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