Risks vs. Benefits: Get the Evidence or Fire Your Doctor

Demand the facts and make informed decisions. Your life depends on it.

Interesting article by Ron Zeiger who is a practicing doc and part of the Google health team. Informed consent is an important part of the physician-patient interaction when a surgical procedure or new medication is being discussed. An equally important issue is that of Shared Decision Making, which has become popular over the last few years. http://www.howardluksmd.com/shared-decision-making-aids/

Patients should be informed of the reasonably foreseeable risks of a procedure— and then utilizing shared decision making aids they can determine if the choice to undergo the procedure or the decision to take a new medication makes sense to them. This also introduces the concept of “shared risk”, since the patient may choose not to take a medication or choose not to undergo a procedure that may save their life or limb.

Not all patients will make the same decision when given the same data set— which is why these decision aids are becoming more readily available and useful for various disease states or conditions.


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