Health Care Reform… Where’s the dialogue? #hcreform

By 2009, Massachusetts enacted almost $800 million in new taxes to fund, among other things, the third year of health care reform. Now, the state government, desperate for revenue, is considering setting the prices of health insurance and essentially taking control over all health-care costs, other than Medicare and out-of-pocket spending. If this sounds like a march into a single-payer Soviet-style system, that’s because it is.

Massachusetts learned the hard way that coverage for all does not come without a significant price tag. Now, with the democrats getting set to push HC reform through will little transparency and little debate, the MA debacle will likely appear on the national stage.

Physicians are dropping Mcare coverage in significant numbers. Others are no longer accepting new Mcare patients. There is a national shortage of internists and family practice docs. How does the government plan on addressing these issues by turning to a Mcare for all system?

The govt believes they can control costs… that my friends is rationing of health care. If you are “too old” and *the formula* does not reveal significant benefit to a certain operation because you may die soon.. guess what, you will not be authorized. I know 80 year olds who are far *younger* and more deserving than certain 45 year olds. Are we ready to tell them that they will not receive their knee replacement, heart valve replacement or other care that may allow them to live another 20 years???

I can not believe there is so little dialogue on twitter or other SM outlets. I am all for HC reform…. but I do not want it rammed down my throat without a serious round of debate and discussion. The consequences of the current HC reform efforts working its way through congress could be horrendous.


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A busy Academic Orthopedic Surgeon, Digital Strategist, Chief Medical Officer and father... intently and efficiently navigating the intersection of Social Media and Health Care.
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One Response to Health Care Reform… Where’s the dialogue? #hcreform

  1. danviti44 says:

    As you suggest, I see only platitudes. No substance. I favor letting the staqtes, like MA, begin the process and and learn what works for them. I suspect a national program will not work for each state. the costs and populations seem to need something more localized in delivery.

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