Are *we* ready for rationing of our health care? Where are the patient centric HC2.0 advocates?

“Government controls are a proven strategy for controlling health care
expenditures,” Blumenthal argued in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)
in March 2001.

That means rationing of your health care.

I’ve been practicing medicine for 13 years and I have met very few patients who would sit back and say “ok” when I inform them that the government will not let me order an MRI, or other imaging modality. 

Drs. Blumenthal and Emmanuel have clearly articulated that they envision an american hc system where costs are controlled through electronic algorithms… prepared by govt *experts*.  Those same *expert*  derived treatment algorithms in Canada deny cardiac surgery to most patients over 65. 

The *government* believes that by electronically dictating to physicians what they can and can not or should and should not order they will help reign in escalalting costs.  Perhaps they have not seen a Rand Corp study which showed that only 11% of physicians prerscribed “too much” treatment for patients ,  whereas 46% of patients were under-treated!!!  That means that if physicians actually follow the prescribed algorithms that the cost of health care might actually rise. 

Even Blumenthal… while clearly advocating for a European style hc system admits there will be many problems to be dealt with before said system can be implemented in the US.  I do not beleive that will stop the administration from pushing forward with their aggressive reform agenda. 

Do americans really want a european-like system?? Are American values similar to those of our friends in Europe?


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A busy Academic Orthopedic Surgeon, Digital Strategist, Chief Medical Officer and father... intently and efficiently navigating the intersection of Social Media and Health Care.
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