Health Care and Social Media… #hcsm weekly recap

Now that I have been closely observing the various interactions (and their origins) I have been having with patients, administrators, consumers, physicians and other health care professionals— it is clear that the impact of digital communications and social media is pervasive throughout my daily activities. 

Clinical emails….

  • This week I addressed 74 emails generated through my website directly, referrals through Twitter, FB or from patients who were previously given the address…
  • 46 were first time contacts..
  •   6 were from health care consumers across the US looking for *assistance*…. one comment “…thanks again for your great site (and availability). Your whole approach is so refreshingly different from the usual Dr/patient relationship…”
  • 4 emails were from patients with relatively acute issues…. not sure this is the best means of using email/twitter.  Thankfully everything funnels through to my blackeberry so I will usually get the emails or DM in a timely manner. 
  • 8 emails were for med renewals… or requests for new medications. 
  • 2 emails actually came from patients in the hospital !!  Both were giving feedback on their progress with physical therapy, etc.
  • two complaints (about hosp food and operating room delay) were received. 
  • Received two emails with suggestions on things to add to my personal website.
  • Avg age was 47, a bit younger than previous weeks. 
  • My secretary is very pleased with the fact that I am routinely utilizing email…. it is making her job easier and far more efficient.

Professional emails ….

  • 4 emails were from health care social media professionals looking to possibly develop a *relationship* with a practicing physician who could potentially complement their current team of social media *experts* …. this is very exciting and could spawn a new career interest. 
  • One email was from a software company looking to develop a #hcsm product and they are looking for a *partner* & front end user who is “social media savvy”. 
  • Three emails came from other physicians looking for guidance or assistance in initiating a social media “campaign”.  Their wording.  Seems like most physicians want to be “out there” predominantly for the percieved PR benefits. 
  • Received one offer to contribute to article to be submitted for publication to a major orthopedic journal…. topic: #hcsm and physicians

Four new patients to the office were referrals from Twitter or personal website. 

Seven patients came to the office with print-outs and information from online content sites, Wikipedia and other social media portals….eg.  (

Two patients noted that the link to the article they brought was from twitter.  The rest were the result of a google search. 

One patient asked if their data was available for upload to PHR… I didn’t ask which PHR product they use. 

My group met with a Hybrid EMR vendor…. I mentioned that we will not proceed with purchase (it is our favorite product) until they have a patient communications portal and PHR or *PHR like* module.   I offered to assist them in developing the module from the viewpoint of a potential avid front end user. 


My twitter activity was minimal this week… too little time, and family comes first after taking care of my patients. 


Well… that was it…. any questions?  Anything else I should be looking for?



About hjluks

A busy Academic Orthopedic Surgeon, Digital Strategist, Chief Medical Officer and father... intently and efficiently navigating the intersection of Social Media and Health Care.
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