Reform and Medical Costs: “It has to start somewhere” #hcr #hcreform

Americans are deeply concerned about the relentless rise in health care costs and health insurance premiums. They need to know if reform will help solve the problem. The answer is that no one has an easy fix for rising medical costs. The fundamental fix — reshaping how care is delivered and how doctors are paid in a wasteful, dysfunctional system — is likely to be achieved only through trial and error and incremental gains.

Nice editorial on #hcreform from the NY Times. This is a take-off on the “…you have to start somewhere theory”.

It will be an enormous effort to truly reform this extremely dysfunctional system… the current bill does little to address the fundamental needs or issues of cost, and quality… but perhaps it is a *good* place to start???


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A busy Academic Orthopedic Surgeon, Digital Strategist, Chief Medical Officer and father... intently and efficiently navigating the intersection of Social Media and Health Care.
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