Physicians Are Online (iMedExchange Blog)

Physicians continue to increase their usage of the Internet as a resource for professional and personal activities at an ever-increasing pace.

According to a November 2009 study by Google entitled “Connecting with Physicians Online“:

•80% of physicians use the internet to verify information from a patient
•73% percent of physicians consider the internet to be a standard part of their clinical practice
•83% of physicians rely on the Internet more now than in the past.
•78% of physicians believe the internet has made the practice of medicine easier
•69% of physicians trust online information


Physician Internet usage does not spike at any particular time throughout the day. They use the Internet around the clock, in short bursts.

The data is very telling. Physicians are increasing their reliance on the Internet to make the practice of medicine easier and to vet the information received from their patients.

It is still a little surprising to me that the primary source for clinical information is a search on — Google.

This points to the fact that traditional sources of information, CME, textbooks, etc are being replaced or at the very least augmented. The more effective and approachable the Internet becomes the more the trends are pronounced.

Something tells me Google is not the end game however. It’s a good bridge to a more intelligent network. One in which relevant/contextual knowledge and information is instantly available…whether at the point of care, in our offices or on the go. The transformations we have seen in just the last 10 years are incredible when you stop to think about it. Imagine what the coming 10 years has in store…

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