Mass. hospitals make headway on patient infections #pm #in #hcr #infections #DNV #JCAHO

Massachusetts’ largest hospitals say they have significantly cut the number of patients who acquire painful, costly, and sometimes deadly infections in their operating suites and intensive care units, suggesting that pressure from government regulators and patient groups, as well as a shift in doctors’ attitudes, is starting to make medical care safer.

New policies and procedures ??? In many cases… no. It is simply adhering to the tried and true policies of old such as washing your hands, supplemental oxygen in certain cases (diabetics, blood supply issues), adhering to pre-operative antibiotic prophylaxis recommendations, weaning patients sooner, changing catheters more regularly. You get the picture. The answers are *simple*. We simply need adherence to existing protocols, punishment for non-compliance and continued efforts to push compliance by IHI, World Health, patients, etc— and hopefully *health-care* can be a safer environment for all.

Now we have to do away with the white coats and neck ties…. known risks for infections. #DNV #JCAHO


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3 Responses to Mass. hospitals make headway on patient infections #pm #in #hcr #infections #DNV #JCAHO

  1. Blaine Warkentine MD says:

    and protect your mobiles. http://www.RidRX.comcheers, Blaine

  2. Howard Luks says:

    Absolutely. Mobile phones also contribute to cross contamination.

  3. Chukwuma Onyeije says:

    It’s about time!

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