What are the 21 most popular health information websites? #whyPM, #In @myen

How do you start? The first step is to check the source and date of information and to review more than one website on any given topic. Also read the reviews from people in the various health care fields. Reviews of a study from a naturopath or homeopath may take one side, a professional from integrated medicine may report another approach, fact, or opinion. And traditional or conventional medical practitioners may have a different opinion, fact, or research study results to report. How do you put it all together to make a wise choice?

Good points in this short article. But *popular* doesn’t always mean *accurate*. As the author points out… always vet the source, source your information from multiple sites and in time you will find the sites which typically have information that is timely, relevant, hopefully *unbiased* and most of all helpful and actionable !


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A busy Academic Orthopedic Surgeon, Digital Strategist, Chief Medical Officer and father... intently and efficiently navigating the intersection of Social Media and Health Care.
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