Consent… An Outcome, NOT and Event #hcr #hcsm #WhyPM #PM #in

Consent is not the goal. Consent is an outcome. It should be the outcome of an informed choice process, which probably takes more than one conversation and which requires decision support of some sort.  We don’t think this is often achieved and yet its likely that patients would value this and that litigation rates would fall. That would be a significant cost reduction in most systems.

I want to thank those of you who pointed me towards the blog, started a few weeks ago by a *colleague* in the UK.

This is such an important concept. Defining each patient’s values, lifestyle, needs, goals, and risk aversion are necessary in order to determine whether a contemplated treatment or care plan is *appropriate*. This Informed Choice concept is not *new*, but it is gaining a little more traction thanks to the participatory medicine e-patient movement and a few committed physicians… I will be following this blog and suggest you do too.


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