18 Online Productivity Tools… for biz and physicians #hcr

With the tools on this list, you should be able to check in on your current workflow stack regardless of which machine you happen to be in front of, what operating system it uses, and what browser it’s running. Plus, if you have a smartphone as your trusty mobile companion, chances are you’ll be able to access your tools from there as well. Check out our previous guide to mobile productivity tools as a logical companion to this piece, and consider your phone platform and setup and how well it may integrate with particular tools as you build out your productivity arsenal.

Whether you are looking to build out your productivity arsenal, or simply begin to enjoy the benefits *the cloud* can offer, many of the tools mentioned in this article are worthwhile additions to the smartphone on your hip. In time, some of these tools will even be useful in the practice of medicine and improving the lives of our patients.

Take Remember The Milk for example…. as a robust SMS, IM, Calendar, twitter, etc offline reminder system (unfortunately not HIPAA compliant) the potential uses are endless. For personal use, it is a very convenient way to remind yourself to bill consults, return phone calls, attend meetings, etc. The future potential of a similar, HIPAA compliant platform is enormous… medication, appointments, etc could all be managed in a manner patients are much more inclined to utilize.

Evernote and Google reader (see Mike Lara’s video on this) are phenomenal cloud based apps to keep on top of and store all the information you *need*. I use this a lot during some patient visits to recall papers or websites that I think they might find interesting. Again, patient specific information should not be stored on Google’s or Evernote’s servers…. but one day it may be useful in other ways to improve the quality of care we can deliver.

Check out the list...


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