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Eric Dishman: Take health care off the mainframe

via Should all health care decisions, innovations, and interactions take place in *mainframe* institutional setting? Where does the personal health care paradigm shift begin ??? Advertisements

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Cost containment in health care… it is possible, and *WE* can make a difference! #hcr #hcsm ~ Gary Becker: ‘Basically an Optimist’—Still

I begin with the obvious question. “The health-care legislation? It’s a bad bill,” Mr. Becker replies. “Health care in the United States is pretty good, but it does have a number of weaknesses. This bill doesn’t address them. It adds … Continue reading

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A Doctor’s Problem With Electronic Records #Flower #NHIN #EMR

If electronic records are only used to optimize billing and improve chart audits, patients will see little benefit.  I doubt my patients received better care from the change.  Electronic records can only play a supporting role in a broader effort … Continue reading

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Supplements… Snake Oil or not ?? Evidence for effectiveness >>> or not… great graphic

via One of the best graphics I have seen to date on the multitude of supplements and whether there is any data (I am NOT stating the data is accurate) on their effectiveness.

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House Democrats’ tactic for health-care bill is debated –

An obscure parliamentary maneuver favored by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) suddenly ignited Tuesday as the latest tinder in the year-long partisan strife over reshaping the nation’s health-care system, triggering debate over the strategy’s legitimacy and political wisdom. via … Continue reading

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Health Care: The Simple Solution

I desperately hope that our lawmakers in Washington fail to reach agreement on either public or private options because these are wrong answers to the wrong questions. Both will permit perpetuation of the sort of business model malpractice that forces … Continue reading

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To iPad or not to iPad….

Although low on the techie skill set scale (can’t code anything)… I certainly enjoy being an early adopter (and occasionally wasting my $) with both hardware and *cloud ware*  I’m finding it very hard to resist signing up for an … Continue reading

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