What’s wrong with this picture ?? #PM #Healthcare

Gotta put your money (or OUR money) where your mouth is!


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One Response to What’s wrong with this picture ?? #PM #Healthcare

  1. John Krueger says:

    The first action would be for the Federal governement to give back responsibility for commodity, food service programs and school lunch programs, to the States, tribes and other entities. Programs like Head Start or Food Stamps would then be capable of contracting with local growers and producers of foods and developing their own list of acceptable and applicable products that these programs should cover. As long as general uniform standards are met, such programs could be very effective at reducing the junk nutritional system which exists right now. At present, these programs provide calories at the expense of nutrition. Food is “safe” for consumption, thosugh many times not “healthy”. These programs also do little to encourage healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, they do not allow local markets, of more healthful products to develop in the States which are ultimately funding and administering the programs to their population. The subsidies are currently distributed out to mainly large food manufacturers. By making States reponsible for the administration and allocation of their resources, jobs and markets are created locally. The need for broad subsidy distribution diminishes. This also pertains to health, as States can start to organize their food assistance programs to not only create local jobs but to also drive more healthy behavior.

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