Improving the Patients Experience in Health Care…. #hcsm #PM #In

Brilliant speech by Bridget Duffy… A chief Patient Experience Officer… and a patient.

Why is our health care system so bad at addressing the needs of the patient ??? Because it is not constructed on a patient centric platform. It is constructed to provide patients with technology… it is technology centric. Hospital advertise how great their new MRI scanner is or how their robot is better than everyone else’s. Does that matter… to a point, yes— but our healthcare system fails to allay the patients’ fears about the technology and fails to address the basic human needs of the patient being exposed to that technology. The system fails to present the technology to the patient in a simple(to understand), friendly, warm and inviting environment that encourages learning, comfort and healing.

What portion of the healing process is technological ? 10%? 20%?… who knows. What I do know is that the more significant portion of the *healing encounter* is related to the entire experience the patient has with their physician, the mid-level providers, orderlies, and the *openness* of the institution. Why is our system so miserable at providing the essentials of the *healing process*? Who is going to step up and take the reins and change the system? We need to define the basics of the proper healing process and environment. We need to checklist the system so it can scale easily. We need to educate the next generation of physicians to pay attention to the entire healing process… we need physician leaders to step up, make some noise and change the process and reform the system.



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3 Responses to Improving the Patients Experience in Health Care…. #hcsm #PM #In

  1. SusannahFox says:

    I’ve watched this twice through just to soak in the humor and good sense that Bridget Duffy brings to her work – thanks so much for sharing this. It’s also the perfect vid to watch in conjunction with the essay about comparing hospital data that Ted Eytan posted today:

  2. Bruce Hopper Jr MD says:

    I found it impossible to practice patient-centered, nonoperative sportsmedicine in a large orthopedic surgery group practice. Everything revolved around volume. So I moved on to design change in healthcare delivery at the point of care, grassroots level. Encouraged by Jay Parkinson and Nat Findlay at HelloHealth/Myca, I am starting my own solo Family Medicine/Sportsmedicine Primary Care practice in Philadelphia. HelloHealth technology allows me to communicate with my patients and re-empower the sacred patient-doctor relationship in a new, modern way.

  3. deborah benzil says:

    No question we have traveled little from the days when hospitals were where you died and surgery if successful likely done at home! Healthcare-in our practices and particularly in our hospitals needs to be about Wellness and all design should be toward that goal.Hospitals are one of leading contributors to pollution, waste, and use of nonrenewable resources. Asthma levels in cities are highest in the immediate blocks surrounding the largest hospitals. It is the 21st century but things have changed little in many years.

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