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*A Pacemaker Wrecks a Family’s Life* Can faith in medicine be restored? #hcsm #hcr

When the surgeon asked us why we were there, my mother said, “To ask questions.” She was no longer a trusting and deferential patient. Like me, she no longer saw doctors — perhaps with the exception of Fales — as … Continue reading

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Breaking Down the Barriers… How Should Physicians and Pharma Collaborate— it’s in everyone’s best interest.

For decades the relationship between Pharma and physicians was a distant one. There was no collaboration, nor collective thinking. Physicians wanted to use the most appropriate medication for their patient.  I doubt that many physicians’ prescribing habits were driven by more than … Continue reading

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Consumers Want Evidence Before Embracing Evidence-Based Medicine

My guess is that consumers believe that EBM is another phrase for rationing. After all, if EBM states you don’t need an MRI or X-ray, it is easy to see how a mis-understanding may arise.

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Bringing Comparison Shopping to the Doctor’s Office –

This sounds great… on paper. However, until consumers are the drivers and realize that they’re not spending on someone else’s credit card this movement will go nowhere… IMHO.

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Despite Evidence, Patients Want More #healthcare #patient-education @myEn #In

The journal Health Affairs just surveyed more than 1,500 patients with employer-provided insurance, including dozens in focus groups and one-on-one interviews. The “pervasive themes” from respondents, according to the authors, were “more is better, newer is better, you get what … Continue reading

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Gentle Nudges Work to Get People Exercising –

Great stuff… behavioral modification with simple triggers. #getupandmove and Contagion onto something! go @jensmccabe !!

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Improving the Patients Experience in Health Care…. #hcsm #PM #In

via Brilliant speech by Bridget Duffy… A chief Patient Experience Officer… and a patient. Why is our health care system so bad at addressing the needs of the patient ??? Because it is not constructed on a patient centric … Continue reading

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